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Anuva Cosmeceuticals Haircare is beneficial for hair that is thinning, dry & dull. Hair will instantly look and feel fuller with a healthier shine while promoting healthy hair growth.


Anuva Products

Choose what works for you. Six products, each with their own distinctive formula and purpose will let you design an individualized course of therapy.

Hair Nourishing Complex: A scientific blend of amino acids, polypeptides, hydrolyzed keratin and minerals- the building blocks for healthy hair. The complex includes Anuva’s tissue respiratory factor (TRF), which facilitates the delivery and uptake of these essential micro-nutrients.

Scalp Vitalizing Complex features saw palmetto, wild yam and pygeum to prevent the interruption of hair growth. It delivers key vitamins to increase blood flow and oxygen supply to the hair follicle.

Rebalancing Shampoo is a superb, sulfate-free moisturizing shampoo that combines potent anti-aging ingredients to combat oxidation and boost cellular immunity.

Tonifying Shampoo is gentle, improves follicle health by removing DHT-carrying sebum. It neutralizes free radicals and boosts cellular immune response. Refined wheat proteins strengthen fine and fragile hair while adding high shine and body.

Bodifying Conditioner provides fine to medium hair with lift, shine, and manageability. It nourishes with anti-oxidants and phytoestrogens to regulate and tone the scalp.

Enriching Conditioner contains anti-aging ingredients to improve the health of color-treated hair. It extends the life of color with UV filters and color lock. It regulates and tones the scalp with anti-oxidants and phytoestrogens, while delivering rich moisturizers that soften hair and provide easy detangling.