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Joico Professional Review

As a cosmetologist for the last 18 years, I have seen many products that are introduced as the “new” hot item have. Then within a year these products are gone and off the market. Joico has been around since 1975, before I started doing hair. Joico was created by a stylist who like me really had become disenchanted with all the products on the market and then he took it one step further. He created his own line, Joico. Joico is renowned for its reconstructive qualities. The most popular products are their K-Pak products that smell edible and produce unbeatable conditioning results.

Using human hair keratin protein, Joico’s has one main priority to produce healthy hair. Over the years Joico has continued to keep up with technology to produce the best products available without compromising the smells and textures that their clients had gotten use to over the years. Joico also manages to incorporate trends into their technology giving their customers the products needed to stay current in their style with the reassurance of getting technically the best products for the hair. Whether you are into making your curly hair straight or you straight hair curly you are assured that Joico has a quality product that will assist you in achieving your best results.

More about Joico

Joico is the first hair care product to exclusively utilize hydrolyzed human hair keratin protein in the manufacturing of their salon products. Joico's Triamine Complex Formula in combination with Catonic Triamine Complex penetrates deep into areas of cuticle damage to repair hair damage. The final result is strength, condition and shine. Joico is The Art of Healthy Hair Technology, artistry, commitment, integrity.

  • Hair care professionals depend on Joico.
  • For innovation.
  • For inspiration.
  • For creativity.
  • For a far-reaching heritage of excellence and quality.

    Inspired by art, fashion and modern technology, Joico breaks the boundaries of science to create the art of healthy hair.

    From the very beginning, Joico's focus has been pure and unwavering: to help preserve, improve and enhance the integrity of hair. Joico products consistently deliver superior product performance, resulting in healthy, shiny, beautiful hair.

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