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Original Sprout Hair & Body BabyWash

Review of Hair & Body BabyWash

Original Sprout

 out of 5 by JL

Would buy again:Yes
Would recommend:Yes
Packaging:5 out of 5
Fragrance:5 out of 5
Texture:5 out of 5

I am a Grandmother raising 2 granddaughters almost exactly 2 yrs apart. (7 & 5) They BOTH have Excema and Contact Dermatitis! I have used this Original Sprout 2 in 1 Hair & Body Wash since my 1st lil one was 3 mos old. Jan. 2004! It's AMAZING how much of a difference their skin looks and their hair feels! I can even use this product on a wash cloth and wash their faces, hands...etc. when they come in from outside, even though they get bedtime baths, and within minutes the redness and bumps vanish! But THE #1 Reason that Original Sprout keeps me coming back for MORE is that it not only Smells Wonderful (ALL THEIR PRODUCTS SMELL HEAVENLY!) but My 2 lil ones HAVE NOT COME HOME WITH "HEAD LICE" from Preschool thru 2nd grade! And those are THE YEARS That ALL kids are EXPOSED to this problem! To Me and my Husband THAT ALONE IS PRICELESS!!! Original Sprout products contain Natural Ingredients that are "NATURAL LICE REPELLANTS"! And their products ARE NEVER TESTED ON ANIMALS! So My Husband makes sure that OUR FAMILY NEVER RUNS OUT of this Product! I WOULD HANDS DOWN RECOMMEND ANY OF ORIGINAL SPROUT PRODUCTS TO ANYONE AS IT IS GOOD FOR ALL IN THE FAMILY! Thank you for carrying the ORIGINAL SPROUT Products! *From Their #! FAN* and DAILY USER SINCE January 2004! J. A. L.

Please remember that all hair is different. You may experience a different effect depending on your hair type and condition.
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1 oz $4.00
4 oz $9.00
12 oz $19.50
33 oz $43.00
Original Sprout Hair & Body BabyWash Product Information

Review posted 1/23/2012.

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