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Iso Bouncy Creme

Review of Bouncy Creme


5 out of 5 Only product that makes my hair look great by CM

Our hair always looks great after a haircut and/or highlights. But, after awhile, it sags and looks dull. Bouncy Creme enables my natural curls to separate and be bouncy and beautiful. I have a full head of hair, so when my hair is bouncy, I get so many compliments about "my gorgeous hair." I had forgotten how well this worked. I had a bottle sitting around which I hadn't used for a year or so. I applied it and thought "how stupid was I not to use this". Not so stupid anymore. I'm ordering offline. By the way, I would purchase this here in Tulsa if you could tell me where I could find it. Thanks so much, Chris Moerles, Tulsa, OK

Please remember that all hair is different. You may experience a different effect depending on your hair type and condition.
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8.5 oz $11.00
33.8 oz $25.00
Iso Bouncy Creme Product Information

Review posted 10/13/2008.

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