GHD Duet Style Professional 2-in-1 Hot Air Styler

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Achieve the unachievable with the GHD Duet Styler - Wet to Dry Styling!

Transform your hair from freshly showered and wet to dry, soft, and shiny with this groundbreaking 2-in-1 hot air styler. The GHD Duet Style Iron gives your soft, smooth hair. It also helps simplify your hair styling routine and makes travel even easier!

Features & Benefits
  • 2-in-1 Drying & Styling
  • No Damage
  • Smart Sensors for Fan Speed and Tempurature
  • Root Drying Vents
  • Lightweight & Low Sound
  • Shine Shot Mode
  • Soft, Shiny, Touchable Hair

  • The GHD Duet Difference

    Traditional wet-to-dry irons are known for being loud, causing your hair to sizzle, and invoking extra damage. GHD has defied all odds to address those concerns with this new tool. This hot tool has a bespoke acoustic system that offers lower sound levels for a more pleasant and luxurious experience while you dry. Their no-damage features were tested by using the Duet Style Iron in four passes and examining that section of hair against a naturally dried section. Most hair types don't even need four passes to become dry; 1 or 2 runs through your hair and it is good to go!

    Key Product Features

    The GHD Duet Styler features revolutionary air-fusion technology and four smart sensor low-temperature plates to dry and style efficiently. These plates still feature GHD's signature floating plate design with smooth, snag-free, shine-enhancing coating. The root drying top and bottom vents ensure perfect root drying at 194 degrees Fahrenheit. The brushless DC motor is GHD's smallest and most lightweight motor to keep your fan running at a consistent speed but help avoid extra weight and arm fatigue as you style.

    Shine Shot Mode

    Shine Shot is unlike your blow dryer's cool shot. The GHD Duet Shine Shot turns your wet-to-dry styler into a traditional, well-loved GHD Flat Iron. Pressing this button turns the fan off on the styler and increases the ceramic plate temperature to the optimum styling of 365 degrees Fahrenheit; Shine Shot is only to be used on completely dry hair to seal in flyaways and increase shine 2x. Shine Shot mode is perfect for adding soft bends or loose waves to your hair. It is also perfect for touching up second-day hair that isn't wet.

    Additional Features

    The GHD Duet Style Professional 2-in-1 Hot Air Styler is designed for improved efficiency and reduced energy waste, with up to 45% less per dry and style energy consumption. A custom air filter in the iron handle to maximize airflow through the irons plate and to the root dry vents. With every iron, a heat-resistant plate guard is included to cover the plate of your iron and protect your countertops even directly after use. As with all GHD irons, the Duet Style has a 30-minute auto shut-off feature to protect you and your home and a 2-year manufacturer warranty.

    Prep Your Hair. Prep towel-dried hair with GHD Sleek Talker for thermal protection and to help control frizz.

    Turn On. Slide the power button up to the on position on your GHD Duet Styler. The fan will ramp up in a few seconds as the styler heats to the optimal low styling temperature for wet hair. When the light stops flashing, the styler will beep, indicating it is ready for use.

    Section Your Hair. Divide your hair into two horizontal sections (3 for thicker hair textures) and clip up. Then section your hair vertically into 2-inch sections (slightly less than the width of the styler's plates).

    Begin Drying & Smoothing. Take a section of your hair and place the Duet Styler close to the roots, pausing for 3 seconds. Glide the styler down the hair towards the ends slowly and steadily. Repeat until dry and move on to the next section of hair. Repeat from the roots of the next 2-inch section. Once the lower section is dry, drop the upper section from your clip and repeat the process.

    Activate Shine Shot. Once your hair is completely dried, activate Shine Shot by pressing the Shine Shot button for 4 seconds until you hear a beep. Shine Shot should only be used on dry hair and is completely optional. The fan will stop and the plate temperature will increase to the optimal GHD styling temperature of 365°F. Once the product beeps and the lights stop flashing, Shine Shot is ready. Your Duet Style can now be used as a regular flat iron.

    If you wish to return from Shine Shot to wet-to-style mode, press and hold the Shine Shot button for 2 seconds. Your tool will beep as the plates cool down, and the fan will start back up. The ‘ready to use’ tone will play when it is safe to use on wet hair.