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Recent Reviews
Pulse Brush With Shower Holder - Grey
This is an awesome brush! I was a little bit on the fence about this purchase this, but I have their regular brush and use it all the time! I use it all the time in the shower and I absolutely Love it! - Anonymous Verified Buyer
5 out of 5
would buy again
would recommend
Original Brush - Black/Gold
I was a little skeptical about if this brush would work well on my thick waist-length hair, but it is amazing! Ive been using this brush for about a month and have noticed significantly less breakage in my hair and I love that I can use this in the shower on my "deep cleanse" days to really get everything off of my scalp. - Anonymous Verified Buyer
5 out of 5
would buy again
would recommend
Brushes as gentle as running your fingers through your hair.

A professional hairdresser for over 25 years, creator Tim Binnington, created Manta for his wife after she lost her hair due to a life-threatening illness. As it grew back, she wanted to be as gentle as possible on her new hair to minimize breakage. Combining years of hands-on salon experience, and the latest minerals and technology, Tim developed a brush that would reinvent how we care for our hair.
Regular styling brushes can cause irreversible damage to the hair shaft that no treatment or mask can repair. Manta Healthy Hair Brush makes preventing this damage possible. Created to glide effortlessly and responsively through the hair, these brushes feature a soft touch material with no rough edges to catch or tear the hair shaft. Featuring Manta's patented FLEXGUARD technology at the base of the brush that enables each bristle to have complete 360-degree motion so it never reaches the stress point that causes breakage. The Manta Healthy Hair Brush gently frees knots, minimizes breakage, and maximizes shine.
Manta Brushes has won countless awards since its launch. This includes awards like Allure's Best In Beauty, The Sunday Times Style Beauty Awards, The Queen's Awards for Enterprise: Innovation, and more. Consumers and critics agree these brushes are ultra-gentle, make brushing easier, and notice fewer broken hairs. Manta is known for more than just its many prestigious awards, though. They are proud supporters of The Little Princess Trust. This charity supplies real hair wigs free of charge to children and young people who have lost their own hair through cancer treatment and other illnesses.