Nail Tek Restore Damaged Nail Kit 3piece

3 piece
Size: 3 piece
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Recovery! For Damaged Nails

Nail Tek 3 Easy Step Kit. Repairs Acrylics & Gel Damage, Strengthens Nails while Moisturizing Cuticles.

  • 1 - Foundation 2 Ridge-Filler For Soft Peeling Nails.
  • 1 - Intensive Therapy 2 For Soft Peeling Nails.
  • 1 - Renew - Natural Cuticle Oil.
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Restore Damaged Nail Kit
I've only used this for 2 weeks and already my nails are much longer and very strong. I had very thin and weak nails so do the past 30 years I had acrylic nails. I decided to try this instead of continuing getting acrylic overlays. Before I received these products I was losing a nail at least every 3-4 days due to tearing or splitting. I will keep using this.
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5 out of 5
Nail Recovery Kit
These products instantly make-over brittle crack nails.
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Use Foundation 2 Ridge Filler as the base coat, Add colored polish (optional) and apply Intensive Therapy 2 Strengthener as the topcoat. Reapply Intensive Therapy daily. Use Renew Cuticle Oil daily to condition the cuticles.