Refinee Skin Starter Kit - Anti-Aging 3piece

3 piece
Size: 3 piece
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Refinee Skin Starter Kit- Anti-aging is the perfect starter kit for anyone looking into making there skin smoothed and hydrated! Each product formulated to work together to fight the signs of aging and keep your skin fresh and hydrated! This kit is perfect for any skin type!
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Skin Starter Kit - Anti-Aging
Use this product every day for years. Very few wrinkles and lines.
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Anti-Aging Eye Treatment: Pat a small amount of Refinee Anti-Aging Eye Treatment around the eye area. Use Treatment in the morning and evening.

Micro-Derma Peel: Apply small amount to cleansed skin, gently massage in circular motion. rinse off completely.

Firming Mineral Moisture Cream: Apply Refinee Firming Mineral Moisture Cream as a daily moisture treatment both morning and night after cleansing.