Battington Beauty Earhart Silk Lash 1pair

1 pair
Size: 1 pair
$26.00 $0.00 USD
Create a subtle yet beautiful look with the Battington Beauty Earhart Silk Lash. These lashes provide subtle length and are designed to add a very delicate enhancement to the lash line. Perfect for first-time lash wearers! Their 3D effect lashes mimic the growth structure of your lashes for the ultimate natural glamour.

Volume level: 1

  • Hand Crafted Cotton Band
  • Can Be Used Multiple Times
  • Silk lashes should be given the same care and attention as you would a fine silk blouse. Please do not shower or sleep in your lashes if you want them to last. Always store your lashes where they won't get crushed or dusty when not in use. A good rule of thumb is: If they're not on your face they're in the case! When you remove the lashes immediately peel off the remaining glue on the band and place lashes back in the Battington Box for future use.