Bio Ionic Universal Comb Attachment 1piece

1 piece
Size: 1 piece
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Easily detangle and straighten hair while you blow dry with the Bio Ionic Universal Comb Attachment. Creating salon-quality blowouts easily, the Bio Ionic Universal Comb Attachment is ideal for smoothing out dense curls without pulling or snagging the hair. Featuring a snug-fit silicone base, this Comb Attachment can be used with any Bio Ionic Dryer! With varied teeth lengths to reach all the layers in your hair while holding tension on the hair, creating a smoother style. This easy-to-use styling tool will help you combine steps within the blowout process and get the smooth, blown-out look you’re looking for.

Barrel diameter of the dryer must be between 42-52 millimeters.
Attach to the end of your blow dryer barrel and twist until snug and secure. Turn on the dryer and place it over any section of your curls. Move gently over your head while drying to detangle, smooth, or straighten curls easily. Always use the Universal Comb Attachment on the lowest heat setting of your dryer.