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OnePass Pro Straightening Iron - Black - 1 inches
I like the original one-pass flat iron a whole better. You could see the strips on the iron and the new you can't. Because of the way the original was constructed gave it superior single pass straitening. My hair is blonde super fine. I have tried all brands and they pull on my hair including this new model. I am very disappointed that original is no longer available. It was perfect! Now I have to search for another that glides thru my hair as gently as original. New model NOT the same😞 - Linda S.
2 out of 5
would not buy again
would not recommend
Long Barrel Styler - 1.25 inches
Seriously, it is the second I have purchased. Everything about it works great for me - ionic for smoothness, multiple temperature settings, long cord. Most of all, the long barrel is so great for medium length and longer hair! - Janice B. Verified Buyer
5 out of 5
would buy again
would recommend
iBrush BlueWave - Medium - 1.25 inches
Puts plastic bristle brushes to shame - Janet M. Verified Buyer
5 out of 5
would buy again
would recommend
iBrush BlueWave - Extra Large - 2 inches
I love this brush. I can dry and add volume to my hair at a the same time. For a long time I used one brush to dry and another to add volume - time consuming. I saw my hairdresser using this brush on my hair and I loved the volume it was giving my hair so I got the info the her brush and went home and ordered it online. In 3 days I had my own brush and I absolutely love it. - Gloria T. Verified Buyer
5 out of 5
would buy again
would recommend
iBrush BlueWave - Large - 1.75 inches
I love my new IBrush,,,,very easy to use and doesn't get tangled. Makes my hair silky and smooth! Def recommend this brush! - Anonymous Verified Buyer
5 out of 5
would buy again
would recommend
Introducing Bio Ionic: Revolutionizing Haircare with Moisturizing Heat™ Technology

Bio Ionic, a leader in ion-powered haircare tools, unveils its groundbreaking Moisturizing Heat Technology, transforming the way we style our hair. With a commitment to healthy and radiant locks, Bio Ionic harnesses the natural power of negative ions for re-conditioning and retexturizing. The 10x dryer and flat iron aim to be eco-friendly and protective for the hair too!

Discover the Science of Beauty:
Bio Ionic's salon professional line boasts the Nanolonic Complex, a blend of natural minerals that releases Natural Negative Ions into the hair. This advanced formula breaks down water molecules, infusing the hair shaft with moisture, and restoring its balance.

Agave by Bio Ionic – A Pinnacle of Smoothness:
Experience Agave, a Bio Ionic brand that harnesses the nourishing properties of agave plants' amino sugars. Unravel the secret to hair that's exceptionally smooth, effectively taming frizz.

Condition While Styling:
Select from a range of Bio Ionic Blow Dryers, marrying power with conditioning for remarkable results. Experience styling that's both efficient and hair-friendly.

Micro Hydration Therapy – A Revelation for Hair:
Bio Ionic's Micro Hydration Therapy Products work in harmony to rejuvenate hair from within, providing protection and strength, while embodying the essence of Bio Ionic innovation.

Unravel the Ions' Power:
Bio Ionic delves into the transformative power of ions – negative ions offer mood enhancement and overall well-being, while positive ions, found in pollutants, contribute to damage.

GrapheneMX™ – A Leap into the Future:
Experience the future with GrapheneMX™, proven to reduce breakage by 68% and leave hair moisturized. Infused with the world's most effective heat conductor, GrapheneMX™ styles hair at lower temperatures for ultimate health.

Volcanic MX – Fusion of Nature and Technology:
Unveil the exceptional brilliance of Volcanic MX, where natural Volcanic Rock combines with proprietary minerals for unmatched shine and hydration.

Indulge in NanoIonic MX:
Experience NanoIonic™ MX, where micronized water molecules deeply penetrate the hair, ensuring enduring hydration and unparalleled smoothness.

Discover Gold MX:
Gold MX mineral complex partners with Bio Ionic Moisturizing Heat™ for uniform styling and hair health. Elevate your styling experience with professional-grade results.

Explore Best Sellers:
Bio Ionic's award-winning heat tools redefine styling excellence. Discover their acclaimed flat irons, hair dryers, and curling irons, all featuring Moisturizing Heat™ for dazzling results.

Elevate Styling with Professional Brushes and Accessories: Complete your styling routine with Bio Ionic's salon-quality brushes and accessories. Achieve polished looks effortlessly, from sleek styles to voluminous blowouts.

Welcome to the Future of Haircare with Bio Ionic's Moisturizing Heat™ Technology – an extraordinary fusion of nature and innovation, delivering radiant, healthier hair.