Cricket Curves Brush Collection

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Curved Brushes for maximum coverage.

The Cricket Curves Brush Collection features three separate brushes, a paddle brush, and two vent brushes in two sizes that feel great on the scalp and help to maximize overall hair drying and styling coverage. Each of these brushes features anti-static bristles with a superior sculpted ball tip that detangles strands easily wet or dry! The Cricket Curves Brush Collection's non-slip soft touch handles allow for firm gripping of these brushes and offer amazing comfort while giving you complete styling control. The vent brushes allow for more airflow while drying your hair, helping to speed up your styling time. The paddle brush has an extra soft cushion pad and is designed to brush through the hair easily without causing damage. These brushes' curved design conforms to the scalp, ensuring no hair is left behind when styling!

Cricket Curves Brush Collection Features & Benefits:
  • Maximize Overall Hair Styling Coverage - With a slight custom curvature head, the vented extra-wide hair brush head has extra vent openings for extra-wide coverage and accelerated hair drying when used with a blow dryer.
  • Anti-Static Nylon Bristles - This hairbrush is designed with anti-static nylon bristles that eliminate and remove static from hair. Its sculpted ball tips assist in styling wet to dry hair.
  • Non-Slip Soft Touch Control Handle - This brush's non-slip soft touch handle grip offers amazing comfort and gives you complete control. It allows you to maneuver and hold during long styling sessions easily.
  • Made in Korea
  • 78924