Cuccio Naturale Cuticle Revitalizing Oil

Fragrance-FreeHempMilk & HoneyPomegranate & FigMango & BergamotMilk & HoneyPomegranate & FigVanilla Bean & SugarMango & BergamotWhite Limetta & Aloe VeraMilk & HoneyPomegranate & FigVanilla Bean & SugarWhite Limetta & Aloe VeraLavender & ChamomileSweet Almond
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No More Dry, Cracked, Brittle Nails with Cuccio Cuticle Oils!

Hydrate and nourish dry cuticles with the Cuccio NaturaleCuticle Revitalizing Oil. Formulated with naturally derived, cold-pressed, pure oils for quick absorption and rich hydration, leaving your cuticles nourished and smooth. Every oil contains a blend of safflower oil, winterized sunflower oil, additional vitamin E, and essential nutrients from the scent-giving oils. You can have an oil that's your favorite scent and explicitly targets your nail needs!

Features & Benefits:
  • Hydrated & Soft Nail Beds
  • Longer & Stronger Nails
  • Healing Oil Blends
  • Paraben-Free
  • Not Tested on Animals
  • Variety of Scents

  • Scent Guide

    Milk & Honey - Milk soothes and softens the skin, while honey is a natural humectant to keep the skin moisturized.

    Pomegranate & Fig - Pomegranate has antioxidant properties while Fig nourishes and moisturizes.

    White Limetta & Aloe Vera - White Limetta nourishes and refreshes while Aloe Vera soothes and moisturizes with antioxidant properties.

    Lavender & Chamomile - Lavender has natural stress-relieving benefits, while Chamomile is a natural antioxidant that contains soothing, moisturizing properties.

    Sweet Almond - Sweet Almond Oil contains vitamin E and Omega-3 essential fatty acids for extra hydration.

    Vanilla Bean & Sugar - Vanilla Bean contains antioxidant properties while sugar is naturally hydrating.

    Hemp - with Cupuacu & Chia Hemp is rich in essential fatty acids and Vitamin E for nourishment and hydration of the skin.

    Fragrance-Free - This special formula still gets all the wonderful benefits of Cuccio Cuticle Revitalizing Oil but with no scent for those with sensitivities.

    Mango & Bergamot - Mango Oil helps to restore skin's natural moisture, combatting dryness from the inside out while Bergamot oil helps with wound healing and provides anti-inflammatory properties.

    Apply one drop to each cuticle and massage gently, 3-4 times weekly. Combined with Cuccio Forte Nail Strengthener, you can achieve longer, stronger, and more beautiful natural nails.