Cuccio Naturale Hand & Body Detoxwash

Lavender & Magnesium Sulfate Milk & HoneyPomegranate & Fig
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Cleanse, Soften, Hydrate

The Cuccio Naturale Hand & Body Detoxwash is a soft, silky, and ultra-luxurious hand and body wash that deeply cleanses and hydrates the skin. It is formulated with a blend of magnesium sulfate sea crystals that instantly help to cleanse and refresh the skin. It is enriched with powerful antioxidants and vitamins that ensure your skin stays nourished. The Cuccio Naturale Hand & Body Detoxwash's gentle and exfoliating formula deeply cleanses the skin with its rich lather that gives the skin a truly stunning finish. They are available in delicious scents to leave your skin with a lovely lingering fragrance all day!
Milk & Honey: Milk soothes the skin and softens, while honey is a natural humectant to keep the skin moisturized.
Lavender & Magnesium: Lavender is calming to the skin and helps to add intense moisture. Magnesium keeps the skin healthy by maintaining the levels of fatty acids and regulating the production of sebum.
Pomegranate & Fig: Pomegranate has antioxidant properties while fig deeply nourishes and moisturizes the skin.
For soft clean skin, squeeze the rich body wash into hands or washcloth. Work into a lather, massage into the skin with a gentle circular motion, and rinse.