Evo Tyler Natural Bristle Teasing Brush 1piece

1 piece
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Tyler Teasing Brush The Evo Tyler Natural Bristle Teasing Brush is the ideal Teasing Brush for detailing, dressing, and sectioning long hair. It features natural boar bristles that are densely packed with varying lengths and a beautiful wood body. The natural boar bristles help to maintain the health and condition of the hair, and its unique structure carries sebum from the scalp to the end of the hair shaft, coating each hair strand with natural oils.

Evo Tyler Natural Bristle Teasing Brush Features & Benefits:
  • Suitable for all hair types, especially long hair with fine to medium texture, and thin to medium density
  • Boar bristles distribute the hair's natural oils to help reduce damage and frizz, improving manageability
  • Natural boar bristles polish the hair cuticle to smooth and add shine
  • Densely packed bristles of varying lengths allow for ultimate precision
  • Evo hair brushes are environmentally conscious; made with FSC-certified wood from well-managed forests
  • Work with small sections. Hold section away from head. Brush Tyler from ends to roots. Once all sections are complete, lightly brush top layer of hair to smooth without removing texture.
    Wood, Boar Bristles

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