Loma Bamboo Oval Paddle Brush 1piece

1 piece
Size: 1 piece
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The lightweight and environmentally friendly brush! Crafted with eco-friendly bamboo, the soft cushion on the Loma Oval Paddle Brush is designed to massage your scalp as it brushes out tangles in wet hair. The gentle bristles and scalp massage help encourage hair growth and strength to your hair shafts.

Bamboo is a significant step forward from plastics in reducing our footprint. Bamboo proliferates with little water making it preferable over wood. It is also more durable and lightweight, making detangling your hair manageable and less of an arm workout. Like all of their other ingredients, Loma's bamboo is sustainably sourced and environmentally sound to protect the plant as much as your hair.

To clean, gently wipe with a damp cloth and let air dry. To extend life, do not let bamboo soak in water.
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