Malibu C "Just Add Water" - Water Testing Kit 5piece

5 piece
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Discover what is hiding in your water with the Malibu C Water Testing Kit. This kit tests the hardness of water and the presence of chlorine, the two factors that have the biggest effect on your hair, scalp, and skin. This kit includes a comprehensive water analysis guide to help you interpret the results of your water hardness test.

Kit Includes:

  • 1 Water Hardness Test Strip
  • 1 Vial Chlorine INdicator
  • Easy step by step testing instructions
  • Water analysis guide
  • 1 Free Malibu C Hard water Wellness Remedy Packet
  • Easy Steps for Testing Hardness of Water:

    1. Tear open Water Hardness Test Strip package and remove the test strip. Keep package to refer to key indicating levels of hardness.

    2. Insert the grayish-green colored end of the water hardness test strip into the flow of water for a few seconds then remove from water. We recommend you test the water you use to shampoo and bathe (shower or tub).

    3. After 12 seconds, compare the water hardness test strip to the key on side of the test strip package indicating the levels of hardness.


  • Green = Soft
  • Brown = Hard Water
  • Orange = Very Hard Water

    Easy Steps for Testing Chlorine in Water:

    Note that chlorine evaporates rapidly. Therefore, test for chlorine as soon after you draw your water sample as possible.

    1. Allow cold water in the shower or bath to run for one minute. Collect up to 2 ounces of cold water into a clear glass. Do not draw hot water.

    2. Pour contents of Chlorine Indicator (orthotolodine) into the clear glass and swirl the water around the glass.

    3. Wait a few minutes for the chlorine indicator to reveal the amount of chlorine in the water.


  • Clear = No residual chlorine in the water
  • Yellow = Chlorine is present in the water
  • Bright yellow or a greenish color = High level of chlorine is present and may even exceed the amount required by law for sanitation in public swimming pools.
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