Manta Healthy Hair Brush Mirrored Brush Blue/White Gold


Blue/White Gold
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Stop causing more damage to your fragile hair with the Manta Healthy Hair Brush Mirrored Brush. Instantly conforming to the scalp, the Manta Mirrored Brush provides 100% contact and gives you maximum control while brushing or styling your hair. Featuring an ultra-compact and ergonomic design, the Manta Healthy Hair Brush Manta Mirrored Brush easily fits in the palm of your hand. It features Manta's patented Flexguard technology at the base of the brush, allowing each bristle to have 360 degrees of motion so it never pulls the hair to the breaking point. This revolutionary brush is the first to mold perfectly to the shape of your palm, making it flexible enough to create less tension while brushing your hair, leaving you with smooth and tangle-free hair. The Manta Healthy Hair Brush Mirrored Brush is the perfect tool for styling and detangling your hair without causing any damage—the ideal brush for those with sensitive scalps or fine, thin, or fragile hair. Manta's Flexguard Technology ensures a gentle brushing experience, as the bristles are designed to reach deep into the scalp for maximum detangling and stimulation of the hair follicles. In addition, a built-in mirror makes on-the-go touch-ups simple and easy, so you don't have to take your entire bathroom to stay groomed and feel your best all day.
This Manta Healthy Hair Mirrored Brush can be used multiple times in your hair care routine. For example, use it while shampooing to get a deep-down clean and as a scalp exfoliator, for even application of hair treatments, while blowdrying, as a head massager, detangler, styler, and shine enhancer. Ideal for all ages and hair types, the Manta Mirrored Brush is gentle enough to be used on extensions and wigs, as well as fragile and sensitive hair and children's hair. Its small and compact size makes it easy for anyone of all ages to brush and style their hair. The arthritis society selected Manta brushes as the easiest to hold. Manta brushes are designed with a balanced design to make brushing comfortable and effortless while providing a superior clean and style. The mirrored brush features a unique surface design that helps separate, detangle, and smooth the hair and prevent snagging and breakage.

Features and Benefits:
  • Ultra-gentle: Minimum breakage, maximum shine
  • Flexible super-soft bristles
  • Ultra-hygienic medical-grade materials
  • Bendable base mold to the shape of your scalp
  • True ergonomic design – like a glove with a non-slip grip
  • Heat-resistant up to 175 degrees F
  • Portable: feather-light comes with a handy travel bag
  • Patented Flexguard technology
  • Anti-static
  • 100% recyclable
  • Vegan and cruelty-free
  • Before use, bend and flex the Manta Mirrored Brush in your hands – the more you do this the more flexible it becomes. Slide the handle between your fingers to give you maximum control and comfort.