Olivia Garden EcoHair Bamboo Brush

Combo Detangler Paddle
Size: Paddle
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Hydrate the hair cuticle while adding shine with this bamboo brush. A professional brush made from bamboo and ion charged bristles to brush your hair to perfection! Eliminates frizz and flyaways and is gentle on all hair types. Lightweight, ergonomical and eco-friendly.
5 out of 5
EcoHair Bamboo Brush
I bought the paddle version of the brush because, I just personally preferred how it looked compared to the rounder brush. I’ve used this brush every single day (multiple times day) for about two years now and not one bristle has fallen out, or those little circles on top of the bristles have fallen off or have become discolored. After two years though if you’re using everyday, the handle will get dirty so make sure to clean it. I scrubbed the back of the paddle brush and it went back to the light colored wood, so it’s not a big deal if it gets dirty and it’s not hard to wash either. All in all, this is an amazing brush and I will be getting a new one once this one starts getting old. I definitely recommend.
would buy again
would recommend
2 out of 5
EcoHair Bamboo Brush
This is an amazing brush when brushing my hair it brushes my hair so nice, gets tangles out easily, removes all dead hair very well. The feel of the brush is soft, smooth, and very lightweight. I'd buy another brush, but the bristles constantly come out when removing the hair from the brush. I have used a big tooth comb gently to remove the hair as well as, gently removing hair with my fingers and still the bristles break off. That's a bummer bcuz my husband and I love this brush.
would not buy again
would recommend