Olivia Garden iDetangle Brush Collection

Fine Hair - ID-FHMedium Hair - ID-MHThick Hair - ID-TH
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Detangler for all hair types.

Ultra gentle detangling for all hair types. Each brush has an ergonomically designed handle and vented design for balance and comfort. The fine hair brush design is made with ultra gentle double bristle, Medium hair design is made with dual length bristles and thick hair design is made with tension flexible bristles.

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iDetangle Brush
Hi! I have thinning and fine hair. Lately my scalp has felt dry and itchy. When I shampoo I'll use a light conditioner and rinse for a long time. So I decided to give this brush a try, and I'm so glad I did! It feels so fabulous that using it gives me goose bumps...in a good way! I use it twice daily. My hair looks silkier and shinny without having to use additional hair products. I absolutely love this brush and will never be without it again!
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