Olivia Garden NewCycle Styling Brushes

Large Paddle (NC-PDL)Round Smoothing (NC-RCO)Smoothing Paddle (NC-PCO)Vent Styler (NC-VTS)
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Style your hair and help better the environment with the Olivia Garden NewCycle Styling Brushes. These professional-grade styling brushes are made from recycled materials. The base of these brushes are made from recycled appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, computers, and more! While the cushions and handles are made from post-consumer recycled items such as shoes, toys, and more. By incorporating these materials into their brushes, Olivia Garden demonstrates a commitment to reducing waste and supporting a circular economy. By choosing the Olivia Garden NewCycle Styling Brushes, you not only achieve a flawless hairstyle, but you also play a part in reducing your carbon footprint and promoting sustainable living. So, style your hair with confidence, knowing that you're making a positive impact on the environment with these eco-friendly styling brushes.

Brushes & Features:
  • Round Smoothing: Made with vegan boar and Ionic Bristles. The Vegan Boar bristles are heat resistant and ideal for creating volume or straightening hair.
  • Large Paddle Brush: Features Iocnic bristles that help to keep the hair's cuticle hydrated and add incredible shine. It also helps to reduce frizz and flyaway hair. The bristles feature a comfortable ballpoint tip that is gentle on both the hair and scalp and are ideal for detangling long locks.
  • Smoothing Paddle Brush: Made with heat-resistant Vegan Boar and Ionic bristles that provide hair with superior detangling. This styling brush is great for daily care, updos, all hair types, and extensions and leaves hair with a smooth and shiny finish.
  • Vent Styler: Made with Ionic bristles and large vents that help to maximize airflow and speed up your drying time. It helps create superior and long-lasting styles faster and easier.
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