Scruples Silk Serum Smooth & Shine

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Size: 3 oz
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Achieve soft hair with a smooth shine with the Scruples Silk Serum Smooth & Shine. This serum is enriched with Vitamin E that seals in moisture for a polished shine. The Scruples Silk Serum Smooth & Shine fends off frizz and tames flyaways for a smooth and silky appearance. Additionally, this serum protects against heat damage and color fading and also helps to speed up the hair-drying process. The Scruples Silk Serum Smooth & Shine is perfect to use as a finishing touch to any hairstyle to get a reflective shine. This serum can be used on both wet and dry hair to provide strands with incredible protection and unbeatable shine.

Scruples Silk Serum Smooth & Shine Features & Benefits:
  • A lightweight, quick-drying, soothing gloss that leaves hair with a smooth shine
  • Seals in moisture for a polished, flawless shine
  • Vitamin E helps restore hair health
  • Lightweight, shampoo-soluble formula leaves a long-lasting silky finish
  • Helps protect all hair types from thermal and environmental damage
  • Great as a workable styling base or as a final touch to add a dazzling, reflective shine to any look!
  • Soothing ingredients work to smooth hair for a frizz-free finish
  • Can be applied to wet or dry hair
  • Evenly apply a small amount of serum from scalp to ends on wet or dry hair before styling. Can be used on skin for a silky, soft feel.