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Ambreesh Cosmetics 24K Liquid Lipstick Ambreesh Cosmetics
24K Liquid Lipstick
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Recent Reviews
24K Liquid Lipstick - Dahlia
I've tried many type of lip stains and this is the best I've used. I love how bold this shade is! I have tanned skin and it goes great, and the best part is it doesn't smudge and it lasts all day. - Anonymous
5 out of 5
would buy again
would recommend
24K Liquid Lipstick - Fall Back
This is my new go to color! I have always been a big Dose of color lip fan, but this tops it by 10000!!!The formula is so light and movable and doesn't make my lips feel dry at all like a lot of liquid matte lips do! I'm sold as a forever customer!! - Anonymous Verified Buyer
5 out of 5
would buy again
would recommend
Introducing Ambreesh Cosmetics: A Catalyst for Empowerment and Unapologetic Self-Expression

Embark on a journey of empowerment with Ambreesh Cosmetics, a brainchild driven by the visionary Preet Johal. With an unwavering commitment to authenticity, we champion a narrative of women's empowerment that resonates with audacious living and unapologetic self-expression. Our mission is to empower you to embrace your individuality and radiate confidence that knows no bounds.

Elevate Your Expression:
At the core of Ambreesh Cosmetics lies a collection of enduring matte lipsticks adorned in versatile hues. From the first light of dawn to the embrace of twilight, our lipsticks stand resolute, adorning your lips with a touch of elegance that lasts. Each shade is an emblem of empowerment, inviting you to boldly express your unique style.

Unveiling Unwavering Confidence:
Preet Johal, an unyielding matriarch and astute entrepreneur, meticulously nurtures the philosophy of unwavering confidence. Rooted in a passionate devotion to beauty, her fervent ardor has birthed not just exquisite lip products, but a movement. Ambreesh Cosmetics challenges you to transcend conventional makeup, encouraging the embrace of unfiltered authenticity.

Empowerment Through Unity:
Beyond cosmetics, Ambreesh is a platform for unity and empowerment. Pioneering a collective of kindred spirits through charitable initiatives, we weave a tapestry of shared strength and upliftment. Our essence is inseparable from the aspiration to fortify, embolden, and give back, shaping a community that thrives on empowerment.

Personalization Redefined:
Your journey with Ambreesh Cosmetics extends beyond the realms of conventional beauty. Experience the invitation to personalize beyond the color palette of matte lipsticks. Each shade, an emblem of empowerment, seamlessly harmonizes with our Top Boss Gloss, allowing you to craft a bespoke hue that mirrors your individuality. These formulations, impervious to the elements, proudly embody vegan and cruelty-free values, catering to the discerning modern connoisseur.

A Testament to Empowerment:
Amidst the ever-evolving cosmetics landscape, Ambreesh is more than just a brand. It's a living testament to the transformative power of empowered women. Preet Johal's brainchild illuminates a path toward self-assurance, ensuring every swipe of lipstick becomes a transformative ritual—an avant-garde declaration of inner and outer strength.

Embrace the Ambreesh experience today, where empowerment and self-expression converge in a symphony of beauty that's uniquely yours