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Super Ingredients for Hair & Skin

Everyone has heard the expression "You are what you eat." Even if you are already a healthy eater, there are some ingredients you can add to your favorite dish that will not only add flavor but give you the added bonus of being especially good for hair and skin health.

Walnuts - "The Free-Radical Booster" - is one of the most heart-healthy nuts, being rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and contain an abundance of proteins, vitamins and minerals that help maintain skin youthfulness. Have them for a snack or sprinkle on your next salad.

Kiwi - "The DNA Protector" - is an age-fighting fruit that protects against DNA damage and helps rid the body of harmful toxins. It is also a great source of Vitamin E.

Spinach - "The Anti-Inflammatory" - delivers potent vitamins that really help fight acne and other skin inflammations.

Red Bell Peppers - "Healthy Eyes Essential" - contain enzymes and phytochemicals that help protect eyes from cataracts. They are low in calories and stuffed full of Vitamin C. Plus then add great flavor to a casserole or salad.

Cayenne Pepper - "The Fat Burner" - boosts metabolism to burn fat as it adds great flavor to your food.

Kale - "The Hair Strengthener" - is a superfood. It's is one of the healthiest foods in the world; extremely rich in nutrients that are very beneficial for healthy hair and skin.

Dragon Fruit - "Antioxidant Powerhouse" - has more antioxidants than acai berries so it is absolutely tops in helping to fight premature aging. If you've never tasted it, it is sweet and crunchy with a flavor that is a cross between a kiwi and a pear. It is packed with Vitamin C, phosphorus, calcium and fiber too!

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