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20 Years of Outstanding Beauty

Pioneers in Online Beauty.

Beauty Care Choices, the original disruptors in the eCommerce industry, are commemorating two decades of innovation and excellence. Founded before the digital era became mainstream, they ventured into the online world when few dared, establishing their website long before it became a standard practice. Despite initial skepticism, they persevered, building trust among both brands and consumers, creating a foundation that remains strong to this day.

CEO Jennifer Coy embarked on her journey in beauty care straight out of high school, earning her cosmetology license. Her dedication led her through various domains, from salon work to the film industry and aviation, before diving into the online beauty business.

President David Coy, fueled by a lifelong passion for technology inherited from his father, delved into desktop publishing, software production, and video game development. His extensive experience included roles at prominent platforms like Bizrate,, and before co-founding Beauty Care Choices.

Where did BCC start:
Upon settling in Redding, California, Jennifer and David identified a gap in the beauty care market. In 2004, as they embarked on their entrepreneurial journey, options for purchasing beauty products were limited for customers, and nothing was available online at that point. They pioneered online beauty, even when they were told by brands that the internet was a "fad" and that it wasn't worth it.

They started from scratch! David wrote all the programming and background for the website and he and Jennifer worked as a team along with others to hand-type ingredients, take images, and create informative content for the products they were selling. After months of hard work and dedication, they launched Beauty Care Choices in June 2004 and received 13 orders on their first day! At this time, Jennifer and Dave were running the business out of their home garage, and they instantly knew they had to expand. They went from their garage to a salon in a shopping center, to a 1,500-square-foot building, to a 5,000-square-foot building, and now to the 10,000-square-foot building that has been home for a while!

Brand Relations:
Initially stocking around 100 products, Beauty Care Choices prioritized forging strong ties with brands. Jennifer's relentless efforts in nurturing relationships and ensuring product integrity laid the groundwork for the company's growth. Today, boasting thousands of products from over 100 brands, they remain committed to quality and customer satisfaction.

At Beauty Care Choices education has always been at the forefront of the business. They hire licensed professionals to answer their phones and provide their staff with educational classes that even the warehouse staff joins in on and finds enjoyable. This helps to foster a learning environment that helps us help our customers find the best products for their specific needs and maybe makes us even buy a few more beauty items to add to our at-home collection.

BCC Now:
Upholding their core values of integrity and customer-centricity, Beauty Care Choices continues to set industry standards. Their Clean Salon attribute system, launched ahead of the clean beauty trend, and reflects their commitment to transparency and consumer well-being. Environmental consciousness is also paramount, with eco-friendly packaging solutions and ongoing initiatives to reduce waste. Not only do they care about clean beauty products, they care about the environment. From the start, Beauty Care Choices has used packing peanuts that are made from 100% vegetable starch and cardboard boxes, ensuring everything is recyclable and safe for the environment. Recently they have even been working to repurpose old boxes as packing material to limit their cardboard waste. Their focus has always been on the consumer and it shows in their amazing customer service team! Since 2014 Beauty Care Choices has received the Bizrate Platinum Circle of Excellence award each year! That's 10 of the 20 years the company has been running, which is an impressive feat! This award measures the customer experience from start to finish! In each of the categories they track, Beauty Care Choices has a 9 or higher score out of 10.

The vision for BCC's future:

As Beauty Care Choices looks to the future, their mission remains unchanged: to deliver unparalleled beauty solutions and customer service. They aim to evolve together with the brands they represent, prioritizing ongoing education and improvement to meet evolving consumer needs.

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