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COVID-19 in Relation to Hair loss

If I have learned anything about the Coronavirus, it's to expect the unexpected. While the list of COVID-19 symptoms from the CDC is a mile long, hair loss is not included and we have received an increase in calls regarding it.

One of our Customer Service Agents said she had spoken to a woman who she and her mom both had COVID-19 over a month ago and were now losing their hair in clumps! We suggested first to try and not stress about it, it was temporary and the stress does make it worse. We reassured her that we had heard this from many other customers who did find a benefit to using a follicle stimulator! We have many products to help.

Most are noticing 2-3 months after catching the virus that they have a noticeable increase in hair shedding. This hair shedding can last for 6-9 months before it stops. But don't fret, doctors say that this specific form of hair loss is reversible!

This reversible hair loss condition is called Telogen Effluvium. This occurs when more hairs than normal enter the shedding, or Telogen, phase of hair growth. A high fever, stress, or emotional distress can force more hair into this shedding phase. While people typically lose 100 hairs per day, Telogen Effluvium can cause 300 strands to fall out every day!

A few good ways to kick start your hair to enter its growth phase again is to make sure that you are consuming a diet that supports hair health and growth, which means a balanced diet that includes protein, vitamin D, and iron. Hair growth supplements and hair follicle stimulating sprays will aid in speeding this up as well.

It has also been suggested to reevaluate the current hair products you are using. Take out anything with harsh preservatives and switch to something more organic to avoid further clogging your follicles. Also adding products specifically for adding thickness will help with the transition while your hair is recovering.

So don't stress, Beauty Care Choices has a product or two that will help get you through, it may just take a little time and patience to see the results. It will grow back!

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Comments & discussion
Barbara R. — I never had Covid, but this fall I had big-time hair loss. I couldn't even brush my hair without pulling out a hand full.
Dana M. — I'm just coming out of quarantine because of COVID. I hate to hear this, but I am glad I ran across this information. I had no idea that COVID could cause hair loss.
rochelle h. — Thanks for the info did not know this