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5 Makeup Tips & Tricks

Looking to learn a few new smart beauty tips? The #BeautyCareCrew may have a little bit of insight that may be helpful! From hard-core beauty junkies to makeup pros, here are a few hacks to make the makeup process 100 times smoother!

Tip #1

Apply your foundation before your concealer. The quickest and easiest way to level up your makeup routine is to apply your foundation before your concealer. Why you may ask? Well, by applying your foundation first you are essentially creating an even canvas for all your other products to layer on top of. This will also help to prevent you from applying too much foundation or concealer, which can make your skin look heavy. Another plus? Foundation before concealer is a genius fix for preventing caking and creasing.

Tip #2

Exfoliate your lips before applying lipstick. Ok, I know I hate when I apply my lipstick and it applies chunky. By prepping your lips with a gentle exfoliant first, like the Bodyography Exfoliating Lip Duo, to buff away any dry skin that may be sitting on top of your lips leaving you with a smooth and soft lip for a beautiful lipstick application every time!

Tip #3

Don't forget to apply blush! It may seem like the obvious step in your routine, but blush is seriously an underrated beauty product. A couple of sweeps of cream or powder blush along the high points of your cheeks will give your entire look a brighter, warmer finish!

Tip #4

Make bold shadows pop using a white eyeliner. Creating a light base on your eyelid using a white eyeliner, and then following it with a bold or bright shade will really make that color vibrant and bold!

Tip #5

Looking for a lip color that lasts and lasts? Set your lip color with a tissue and powder. Just swipe on your shade, lay a tissue over your mouth, then dust translucent powder over the top to set the color from budging or bleeding.

Now that you are equip with a few new tips and tricks up your sleeve, go out and create that look you've been dying to make with Beauty Care Choices!

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