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Bangs or No Bangs

If you are considering updating your style by cutting bangs, stop for a moment! While bangs can be high maintenance and while hair does grow back, the grow out process can be painful. On the other hand, bangs can make your style more dramatic, draw attention to fabulous eyes or be very flirty and cute. Here are four tips before you or your hairdresser grab the shears:
  • Bangs require extra work each day. Bangs are not for those who are style lazy. If you've got your style down to a 3-minute routine, adding bangs will change things a bit. Bangs need to be styled everyday if they are to look great.
  • Bangs need to be trimmed at least once every three weeks to keep them and your style looking like you intended. Many hairdressers will trim bangs for free if you are a regular client (but don't forget to tip for this service).
  • You might want to try a starter bang at first. Side-swept bangs are versatile and much easier to style, plus they look great on almost any face. The advantage of this is to help you decide if bang maintenance is for you and they are easier to grow out if you decide you don't want bangs.
  • Invest in dry shampoo. The oils from your face and fingertips are going to make your bangs limp and greasy long before your next shampoo. A good dry-shampoo can work wonders to soak up those oils and refresh your bangs!
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