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Tips to Air Dry Your Hair


Air drying your hair as often as possible is a great way to keep your tresses healthy. But what do you do and how? Below, are great tips for air drying into gorgeous!

Straight Hair
To stop straight hair from drying flat, volumizing products are key. While your hair is still damp, apply a volumizing mousse and brush through until smooth. Next, braid your hair into two loose braids and clip them up into twists until dry. Braiding creates tension which helps the hair to dry smooth, while twisting the braids around each other will stop your hair from puffing up as it dries. When you take out the braids, you'll be left with loose, undone waves!

Curly Hair
You want bouncy, well-defined curls without the frizz. After shampooing and conditioning, rinse and squeeze out any excess moisture. Then rake a hydrating leave-in conditioner through your hair from root to tip with a wide tooth comb, making sure all of your hair is evenly coated. Style your hair into a high bun for the day. When you take it out you'll have smooth, defined curls.

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