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Eat a Rainbow everyday!

Beauty Care Choices may sell products for the, skin & nails, we also know that healthy beauty starts from the inside. Eating the right foods can make your hair shine and your face glow. So, why eat a rainbow?

Purple & Blue

The color in eggplant, plums and blueberries is due to their anthocyanin content which provide lots of antioxidants. They also give you Vitamin E, iodine and potassium to help keep the oxygen flowing.


These veggies are rich in chlorophyll. They also contain isothiocyanates that help reduce carcinogens from the liver. Besides the antioxidants, the broccoli, cabbage, and other leafy greens are full of Vitamin K, folic acid and potassium. They also contain lost of micronutrients like iron, plus lots of B vitamins.


Things like avocado, kiwi, pistachio nuts are rich in lutein - very important for eye health. They are also rich in Vitamin C.


They get their color from carotenoids or beta carotene. These are full of vitamin A which the body turns to retinol; exactly what your skin needs to help prevent acne and wrinkles. Eating mangos, apricots, carrots & squashes will also help build your immune systems.


It's the lycopene that gives cranberries, tomatoes, watermelons & guava red. It's also what makes the pink grapefruit pink. Lycopene is a powerful antioxidant. Include pomegranates, radishes, red peppers in your diet extra Vitamin C, anthocyanins, and beta carotene.

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