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Kick Chapped Lips To The Curb

Dry, cracked, and chapped lips are a pain to deal with, but that's the thing of the past. You can have the soft and supple lips you dream about all year round!

Get A Good Lip Balm

Lip balms obviously help heal your lips, so look for one with great ingredients. Ingredients like hemp seed oil, shea butter, and SPF will heal and help protect your lips from further drying and unnecessary pain.

Exfoliate Those Smackers

A lip exfoliant will help remove all those dead skin cells that have been piling up on your lips. Removing those extra cells helps your lips to absorb your balms, treatments, and masks and really drive them deep into your skin. This may leave your lips a bit tight feeling, but once you apply that balm or treatment, it will be a completely different ball game!

Treatments, why?

If your lips are passed a balm helping try out a more specialized treatment! Treatments tend to be more concentrated and can help speed up your healing time, and also help to prevent further damage.

When In Doubt, Mask It Out

Lips masks are great if you have some downtime to treat yourself and really heal your lips. A mask provides not only moisture, but they can also infuse collagen, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin C and E to your lips really restoring and anti-aging all in one simple and luxurious step!

Drink Your Water, Please!

Our final recommendation may not be a product, but not drinking enough water affects not only your beautiful lips but also all the rest of your skin and your hair! So don't skip out on the H2O, your body will thank you for it.

Having chapped lips is a common and sometimes uncomfortable issue, so treat your lips to the best with Beauty Care Choices.

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