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The Correct Way to Tease Your Hair


A lasting boost and serious elevation require some time commitment and skill. It starts with teasing. But, before you begin, make sure hair is complete dry and de-knotted. Use a fine-tooth comb or a tail comb to separate a section of hair at the front. Clip it to the side.

  • Take a section at the crown area and hold it straight up. TIP: lightly spray a working hairspray at the roots to keep up the volume all day.
  • This next step is crucial. The wrong way to tease hair is starting at the end and moving the comb up and down. It will tangle the hair and it is a nightmare to comb out. Instead, start at the mid-shaft and push the comb down to the roots. Pull the comb out and start from the mid-shaft and backcomb again.
  • Finally, comb the swept-aside section of the teased bump.

A quick reminder: comb out the tease with a wide-tooth comb before you head to the shower to shampoo!

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