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Leave-in Conditioners


When you think of a conditioner, most of us think of the big bottle right next to the shampoo as our best choice. That's not always true. We also think leaving a conditioner on the hair will leave it greasy or weighed down. That's not always true either. A good leave-in conditioner may be a better choice for many of us, including fine hair, color treated hair and dry hair. Read on to see why.

The Light-Weight Leave-in Conditioner
If your hair and scalp tend to be greasy and even the lightest conditioner is too rich, a leave-in hair conditioner may be the light-weight solution. After shampooing the moisturizing conditioner can be targeted to the part of your hair that actually needs conditioning. The hair ends are the usual targets. Leave-in conditioners also work well for fine hair. There are, for example, collagen-containing leave-in cures, which give flat, thin hair more bounce. These leave-in cures may also be applied to the root portion of the hair where more volume and bounce is needed.

Leave-In Conditioners: Sometimes More Is More
Leave-in hair conditioners can often be the best conditioner for dry hair. If your hair is over-processed or dry, a leave-in treatment with shea butter, coconut extract or argan oil is a good choice. Some leave-in hair conditioners contain the hair building block keratin, structure-improving proteins and moisturizing glycerol. These cures are suitable for over-processed and damaged hair. You may decide to use leave-in treatments regularly in addition to conditioning shampoos and hair rinses to provide sufficient conditioning. Don't forget to add a weekly hair mask or hair cure to your hair care regimen.

Leave-in Conditioner: Extra Luster for Color-Treated Hair
Color-treated hair looks more brilliant after the application of leave-in conditioners containing enzyme-rich apricot kernel oil, panthenol for protection, and hair-regenerating keratin. These special ingredients add glow to any hair color. Special pigments in leave-in cures for blonde hair provide a golden glow. Very damaged color-treated hair may need a conditioning rinse and a leave-in treatment after shampooing. This applies in particular to hair after frequent bleaching. However, your color-treated hair may be quite healthy so that no more than a leave-in treatment is needed after shampooing.

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