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BRAND PROFILE: Ethica Beauty

Just four products, but a whole lot of benefits. Ethica hair care is anti-aging and hair re-growth solutions. Achieving these benefits can be both complicated and technical. As with everything, there is no one miracle ingredient, but rather a formulation that includes the right ingredients in the right amounts to gain the maximum benefit.

The daily shampoo gives you an exceptional anti-aging and active stimulation experience, it's a complete product for your hair, scalp, and hair follicle. It accelerates hair growth while reducing shedding. It also adds volume and shine as it reduces frizz.

The daily conditioner compliments the shampoo and increases the anti-aging and hair growth benefits. Hair is hydrated and protected.

Ethica's Ageless Daily Topical spray-on solution adds to overall hair density and is great for use on the front hairline. It also gives your roots a little lift as it delivers nutrients deep into the hair follicle.

Corrective Daily Topical is your choice is your hair needs some advanced care. You can spot treat your problem areas and achieve powerful results. This product is also great for after chemotherapy to rebuild the hair follicle.

Ethica Beauty Products are all alcohol, fragrance, gluten, paraben, & sulfate free.

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