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Hair Powder


Have you ever tried a hair powder? Hair powder is a potent problem solver when hair is limp or does not have enough grip for up-dos, twirls or braids. As a welcome side-effect volumizing powder also freshens up oily hair between shampoos. The ultra-light and fine powder is suitable for any hair type and length, and it may just be your hair problem solution!

Volume: The main role of powder is to add fullness and bounce to thin or limp hair. Simply apply it where more volume is needed. Micro-particles fluff up hair for added volume without teasing and blow-drying. There is no faster way to turn limp, lifeless hair into a full head of impressively bouncy hair.

Structure and Shape: Powder adds definition to your hairstyle. Hairstyles from bobs to up-dos look fuller and therefore also shapelier.

Hold: Hairstyles hold their shapes better and longer thanks to the powers of the powder. Hair accessories, slides, and pins also stay in place longer because your get a better grip.

Manageability: The hair's manageability determines how well you can create the desired hairstyles. Hair can be styled much easier using powder. Especially twirled and braided hair elements are easier to manage with the volumizing micro-particles in your hair.

Freshness: Hair powder also absorbs oil and therefore counteracts the bedraggled look of oily hair. Your hair will look fresher in seconds.

Matte Finish: You may also like to use volumizing powder to create a matte finish for undone looks. The powder works well for the cool out-of-bed look for men and undone bobs for women.

How to apply hair powder:
Apply powder where it is needed either near the hair roots or around the hair ends. Simply sprinkle a small amount of powder on the desired portion of your hair and use your fingers to distribute the powder thoroughly. Alternatively, you may like to distribute the powder in the palms of your hands or on your fingers and work it through the targeted part of your hair. The powder does not need to be brushed out of the hair.

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