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Face Masks Revealed

They are so easy! The face mask has exploded because they make your face look and feel great and your beauty routine faster. But...with all the different types of masks available, how do you select the one or more that are right for your skin type. Let us help you!

First, if you are under the impression that face masks are an indulgence, you are mistaken. Your skins need the love and care a mask can provide.

Cream Masks

These are great for normal to dry skin. They provide moisture, hydration and soften your skin. They also make your skin plumper and smoother. Look for ingredients like AHA's (alpha hydroxy acid), BHA's (beta hydroxy acid), essential oils and natural butters.

Clay Masks

These masks balance out oil levels and help to regulate oil secretion on the surface of your skin so they are best for oily or acne-prone skin. Clay masks help rid your skin of all the dust and debris that has built up; plus they remove blackheads. They help to resolve T-zone issues and firm skin. Look for ingredients like lactic and citric acids.

Gel Masks

Sensitive and dehydrated skin types should use a gel mask. They are gentle, lightweight and get absorbed quickly. They can hydrate and calm your skin while firming it. Look for ingredients like cucumber, green tea, and mint.

Exfoliating Masks

Skincare experts recommend a skin face exfoliation twice per week. This helps to get rid of dead skin cells that clog pores. Exfoliating helps to brighten, giving you a healthy glow. Look for ingredients like glycolic acid, lactic acid or papaya, and pineapple fruit enzymes.

Thermal Masks

Also know as self-heating mask, these use science to work miracles on your skin. The ingredients generate heat with exposure to air or water or both. They produce a deep cleaning, unclogging pores and enhancing blood circulation. They can pull out deep impurities in the skin. These masks are especially perfect in winter.

Peel Off Masks

Want an instant glow? Use a peel-off mask. They physically removed everything that has settle on the top layer of your skin - dead skin cells, dust, oil and blackheads. Look for ones that use fruit or plant based and use all natural ingredients.

Hydrogel Masks

Holding much more moisture than a regular gel, these are very, very effective for repairing fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of aging. They can be used by most skin types, reduce redness caused by inflammation and leave your skin baby soft.

Vitamin C Masks

Aging reduced your skin's capacity to produce collagen - the substance that gives your skin it's flexibility. A vitamin C mask will fortify you skin, fill up the tiny lines, and boost collagen production. Vitamin C (also called L-ascorbic acid), along with AHA's (alpha hydroxy acids) are some of the best anti-aging skin care ingredients.

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