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9 Hair Cuts that Age You

There's nothing quite like a great haircut. That feeling when you can't stop catching a glimpse of yourself in the mirror or running your hands through your new layers is priceless. Unfortunately, a bad hairstyle can cut through all that confidence and leave you looking older than you are. The good news is that it's pretty easy to update your look without a lot of time or money.

Cat Lady Long
All women can rock long hair to a point. That being said, crazy long hair will always age you. Too long always ages a woman. Once your hair has passed your ribs, it's officially making you look older. If you love the long look, go for it! Just make sure your haircut doesn't go shorter in the front and longer in the back. In general, shorter in the front, longer in the back (unless you're going for a rocker mullet) tends to look dated. Keep everything pretty square or a bit longer in the front for shorter hairstyles. You can still have long hair, just add some layers that softly frame the face.

The Wrong Length
If hair is thinning, going shorter is an option. If you've had long hair your entire life, it might be time to update to a lob. Whatever you do, make sure your haircut has layers and depth. The classic hairstyle that makes a woman look older and dowdy is the cut where everything is the same length all over, a few inches long. Then set with a small curling iron all over. Not cute or modern.

The Same Style for a Decade (or longer)
It's important to evolve"”everything usually comes back around, but with a modern twist.

The Wrong Color
Going too dark can add years to your look. Your hair color should complement your skin tone. If you have fair skin, then jet black isn't the best choice, and it's always a good idea to have more than one color to add depth and dimension. No matter your hair color, if you go up a shade or two, then it'll give the appearance of looking more youthful, but the placement of highlights is key. Have your hairstylist frame your face to brighten your complexion.

Stick with softer colors, like golden blondes and gorgeous reds. The darker colors can be too severe and instantly add years to your face. In addition to making you look older, dark colors show gray or white roots much faster than a more subtle color. By blending the color with highlights or a demi-permanent color, the color with grow out much better than a solid line and achieving a more natural look. A soft, face-framing style would take years off!

Too Much Volume
While a little volume can be beautiful, going overboard will only age you. Because our hair tends to thin as we age, many of us worry about it looking too flat. Talk to your stylist about a great volumizing shampoo or flattering layers. Too often, a mature client thinks she must have height. Teased up hair can make anyone look older. Volume is different and can look modern and elegant.

The Wrong Shampoo
Your shampoo affects your hairstyle, and it may be making you look older. Shampoos for "normal hair types" are not the best option as you age. You have to have the right tools and products for gorgeous hair. Grey and aging hair has unique characteristics that require a mask once a week, color protecting shampoo, thermal protectant, and more effort in the fight against frizz.

Keep It Healthy
Damaged hair always looks older than it is, leaving you looking older than you are. It's important to keep up your natural sheen by taking good care of your locks. If you're noticing a lot of split ends, then it's time to go to the salon for a cut.

Beware of Helmet Head
As we age, our hair thins, so it's tempting to whip out the hairspray and give yourself some serious volume. The problem is that too much hairspray gives you that stiff 80s look, so not youthful. We all want to avoid it, yet this super stiff hairstyle, popularized by news anchors in the 1980s, a stiff hairstyle will always make you look years older. Try using more versatile products that still let the hair move. If you're stuck in a windstorm and your hair doesn't move, then it's time to move away from the hairspray.

Avoid Slicked Back Styles
Rock your true hair texture and look without trying to pull it back into tight knots. This only makes you look older. While hair that's loosely pulled back can be very flattering, tightly pulled buns and pony tails tend to put any wrinkles or imperfections front and center. As we age, it's best to work with your hair stylist to find a haircut and style that frames your face and plays up your best features.

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