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2021 Spring Beauty Trends

2020 was a rough ride for everyone. From being isolated to right in the center of the action, a front-line worker, beauty may have been the furthest thing from your mind. But as things start to settle down and slowly go back to our new "normal" let's shake up our look and branch out! Show 2021 the amazing person you are with a fresh new look. The best hair and makeup look for 2021 is all about being bold and making changes!

Spring Hair Trends

Let's take it back to the '60s and '70s with your hairstyle. Super shaggy and ready to get groovy, the shag will go to new extremes. The shag will go into a more mullet-like look than before and give you the rocker chic style we all know and love.

Not ready for the bold rocker look? Dive back into the '60s with a bold heavy bang paired with soft layers, or a blunt bob to draw attention to those beautiful eyes! The '60s were a time of revolution and reinvention, just like we are expecting in 2021. Expect styles to be less crisped with layers and tons of hairspray, and more geometric and all-around more fun!

Feeling extra brave, time for a big chop! Demi Lovato's chop was the haircut heard around the world. Super edgy pixies with shaved sides are going to be all the rage! Add some blonde or a pop of vibrant color to really make your style stand out!

But let's not forget our curly friends. Curly bangs are in and we are living for it! This adds a fun and flirty look to your style and really draws attention to your eyes. Or embrace your natural texture and curl, and let your texture run wild! Letting your hair be natural is going to continue to be popular within 2021 in letting your hair dry naturally and show off your naturally beautiful, god-given texture!

Spring Makeup Trends

These upcoming makeup trends are unexpected but will make a huge impact for 2021. This will be the year to be bold eyes and natural lips with your makeup.

Let's start off bold, sassy, and full of life with your makeup. Bold black-winged liners will be everywhere this year. There is something about a classic wet liner look that can really make us feel put-together. But don't just stop with black, branch out to the wild and more exciting shades.

Take your eyeliner to the next level with colored mascaras. These along with bold shadows will really give your eye look that wow factor, drawing attention to your eyes and really making them pop. Smoke out those bright shades and really give your eyes depth by adding a darker shade of the color you're using to the outer edges of your eyelids for a more date night feel. Add a set of bold lashes to your look for an extra dramatic effect.

Bright and bold really not your style keep your look natural, as a bare face is just as beautiful! Rocking your real and true skin will be where it is for 2021. Simple and natural shades are going to be huge this year, subtly enhances to your natural beauty. Brushed-out brows, subtle pops of pink blush, natural lashes with very little mascara, and nude lips are all the rage for 2021. Create your own chocolatey brown lip by lining your lips with a flesh-tones lip liner and top it with a moisturizing lipstick or a clear gloss.

Whether you're going bold and wild, or natural this year, be uniquely you and remain true to yourself in these crazy times. Or if you're looking to spice up your look, shop all the new spring beauty trends for 20221 with Beauty Care Choices!

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