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Healthy hair & scalp is the blueprint that each HEALIUM product has been born from. By combining formulations from one of the finest professional haircare chemists, along with ingredient consultation from a renowned medicinal doctor specializing in botanical benefits, they have developed a cleaner, lighter and healthier alternative in working hair care products. Healium 5 professional products, with UV sunscreen protectors, provide the finest prescriptive hair care available. To round off the experience, super clean light fragrances finish a collection of products that perform with both extraordinary results and with a healthy twist. All HEALIUM 5 products feature our 5 exclusive complexes:

Hydration, Protein, Oils, Amino Acids, & Vitamins are guaranteed to perform without build-up, flaking, dusting, or drying & are 100% water-soluble. With steady use, these products will result in noticeable healthier hair & scalp. When used in regular regimens, Healium 5 products help promote long-term healthier hair, making it the finest hair care that you will ever use.

Founder: Elizabeth DeMaio

With a budding sales career in the beauty industry, Elizabeth DeMaio was excited to launch Healium Hair in 2007 with her husband. Learning things the hard way, the wrong way and the expensive way also taught her that successful people fail a lot. However, these challenges paled in comparison to the struggles she faced becoming a widow with two small children at the age of 39. Standing alone at the helm of the company after her husband passed from cancer in 2017 was a hardship she never anticipated.

With a small team in place nationwide, Healium Hair is currently in over 5,000 hair salons and growing. She also launched the Heal I Am Program, to give back 5% of every sale to one of 3 charities. Elizabeth found her strength as the ultimate multi-tasker, having her hand in every aspect of her business while remaining focused on her children. And while she doesn't have all the answers, she has faith that this is her path for a reason.

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