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BRAND PROFILE: Bonblissity

They're sweet treats for your body... vegan-friendly, eco-friendly and cruelty-free soaps, scrubs and are still growing. Launched in 2011 with their signature Sweet + Single Candy Scrub, Bonblissity has received rave reviews. They now have the Sweet + Single, plus vegan soaps and even more, launching all of the time.

Their signature product looks delicious but, (while safe to eat) is not yummy! Sweet + Single Moisturizing Candy Scrub looks just like a small piece of wrapped candy. They come on 30 piece packages and scents. No jars, no mess, just unwrap and massage into the skin with a touch of water.

Vegan Soap gives you a deep clean without drying out the natural moisture. Free of SLS, sulfates, parabens, and phthalates. Two refreshing scents.

Elissa & Jay created Bonblissity to solve Elissa's problem of dry hands due to her needing to wash them frequently. As a dental hygienist, she washed them dozens of times a day. Her hand became painfully dry.

She solved the problem by creating her soap based on her "must-haves":

  • Multi-tasking scrub to exfoliate
  • Single dose & portable to slip into a packet
  • Last through a few washes.
  • Natural Ingredients
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