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How to Keep Your Hair Youthful

Every hair is made of up to 95% keratin and collagen, and each year our body's production of keratin and collagen diminishes. By the age of 30, your body has already started this breakdown process. This process causes hair to become weak, limp, brittle, and extremely dry. This is why aging hair tends to need special attention and care. Add white hair into the mix which needs even more moisture, and you really have a product hunt on your hands! Luckily the beauty experts at Beauty Care Choices know exactly what your hair is lacking.

What Are the Signs of Aging Hair?
Hair thinning, a more coarse texture, weakened hair, and hair that grows at an extremely slow rate can all be signs of aging in your hair and scalp.

How It Affects Your Hair

The scalp loses collagen, keratin, and elastin as you age. This structural breakdown prevents key components like blood vessels, and lipids from protecting, hydrating, and replenishing the nutrients in your hair. Resulting in hair that can become shorter, weaker, and less pigmented over time.

7 Tips to Prevent Aging Hair

1. Keep Your Hair Moisturized

As we age hair naturally gets coarser and frizzier. Adding moisture back into your hair will tame that frizz and help to re-moisturize, and strengthen dry and tired ends. Adding a moisturizing mask once a week will help maintain your hair's natural moisture balance for overall healthier hair.

2. Add a Hair Supplement

Hair and skin supplement help boost collagen and biotin from the inside out, which is key for healthy hair growth and hair retention.

3. Treat Your Scalp

Adding a scalp treatment will help nourish your scalp, and with regular stimulation can lead to thicker and healthier hair. Scalp treatments help to stimulate blood flow to your scalp, promoting growth and thickening of your hair strand from scalp to ends!

4. Use Low Heat When Styling

Very little does more consistent damage to your hair than constant heat styling with high temperatures. Using less, or lower heat will help prevent your hair from over-drying or getting burnt from the hot tool. Consider also adding a heat protectant and shield your strands.

5. Shampoo Less, and with the Right Shampoo

Shampooing your hair less often allows your scalp to naturally remoisturize itself. Using shampoos that have been specifically formulated for aging hair provides the missing collagen and other proteins your hair may be lacking for its optimum health.

6. Use a Thickening Spray or Serum

Fake it till you make it honey! Luckily many thickening serums and sprays not only give you that instant gratification, but actually contain powerful ingredients that work to strengthen, protect, and promote hair growth.

7. Invest in a Great Hair Oil

Not only do hair oils give your tons of shine, but they also help to keep hair healthy and hydrated. Many are infused with hair-loving ingredients that will help to strengthen and protect hair as well.

So take the jump with us and start your anti-aging hair care journey today with Beauty Care Choices.

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