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Discover Truth Treatment Systems new products

Benjamin Fuchs shares some new skin care products with Jennifer Coy, Beauty Care Choices CEO. Truth Treatment products contain only active ingredients, all of which are organic, alcohol free, fragrance free, with no artificial colors.

Active ingredients only; is the key to Truth Treatment products. Ben's favorite line, "your skin doesn't contain avocado or coconut, so why put it on your skin." Skin contains collagen, omegas, and proteins. From the molecular, and cellular level, this is what your skin needs to heal and to slow the aging process. That's what Truth Treatment delivers.

All Truth Treatments products are organic and cruelty free.

Tune in to these key times for specifics on key products!

  • 17:16 AHA Energizing Mineral Exfoliator
  • 36:08 Hyaluronic Honey Mask And Vita Mask
  • 39:04 Ultra Sonic Device
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