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Let's Do Beauty Better: Reducing Your Footprint

Beauty Care Choices strives to become a cleaner and more conscious company, and we like to work with like-minded companies. To celebrate Earth Day, this year we wanted to spotlight all our eco-friendly, green companies that give back!

Over 50 separate brands within the Beauty Care Choices collection have taken it upon themselves to help clean up the environment, and the Beauty Industry in one way or another!

Low CO2 Emmissions:
Many of our brands have taken the plunge to lower their CO2 emissions. Brands, such as Keune are CO2 neutral and as a family business, they strongly believe it's their responsibility to take care of our planet.

Sustainability is important, whether it's the ingredients used or the packaging, sustainability is key to cleaning up the beauty industry.

Sustainable Brands:

The usage of post-consumer plastics in packaging is one of the many reasons why you should recycle your old beauty bottles. Brands like Aquage have partnered with Foundations like PlasticBank, who are equally as dedicated to reducing our plastic pollution. Aquage actually collects 28% more plastic than what is used by producing their products!

Brands that use Post-consumer plastic:

We even have a few brands that are in completely biodegradable packaging such as Madame Lemy, and Sunrise Session. Sunrise Session is new to Beauty Care Choices, and it's their mission is to eliminate plastic waste, starting with the Beauty Industry. Their unique drop packaging is biodegradable, natural, and ethically sourced. The drop dissolves with water leaving no trace or footprint behind.

We also have a large collection of brands that give back and donate a portion of sales to help clean up the environment. These brands have partnered with organizations to help better our earth.

Brands that give back:

Here are a few of the amazing organizations supported by many of our give-back brands.

  • PlasticBank
  • Impact Collective
  • Green Circle Salons
  • Trees for the Future
  • Save Our Monarchs
  • reforest Action
  • Loreal Fund for Nature Regeneration
  • Zeromission
  • Plan Vivo
  • Taking Root
  • 1% for the Planet
  • Arbor Day Foundation
  • Un Toit pour les Abeilles (A Shelter for Bees)

Help heal our earth and support an eco-friendly brand this Earth Day, and don't forget to recycle!

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