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4 Ways to Keep Maskne at Bay


If you find yourself breaking out a lot more frequently since the mask mandate began, you're not alone! Thankfully for you, Beauty Care Choices knows that there are ways to help keep these mask-induced blemishes at bay.

What is Maskne?
Maskne, also known as acne mechanical refers to breakouts and irritation around the jawline, mouth, and chin caused or worsened by wearing a mask. Maskne can present itself differently depending on your skin type, environment, and even the type of mask you choose to wear. These unwanted blemishes include blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples.

What is Maskne?

Wearing a mask creates a "greenhouse effect" on your skin. Masks lock in moisture and create a humid micro-climate in your mask. This hot and humid environment creates prime conditions for clogged pores, especially when sweat, dirt, and oils get trapped under the mask.

Your 4-Step Guide to Healthy Skin

Step1: Cleanse
Get a good cleanser. Deep and purifying cleansers help to remove excess oil and dirt buildup caused by mask use. If your skin is more acne-prone, look for a cleanser that has salicylic acid.

Step 2: Soothe
Using a good serum can help to reduce inflammation, redness, and help to soothe the irritation that can occur around the jawline.

Step 3: Keep Your Skin Hydrated
Having a good moisturizer is key to happy and healthy skin. By adding that extra bit of hydration to your skin, it can help prevent cracking from occurring, which is extremely painful. When your skin gets to that point, it opens up your skin allowing for bacteria and the possibility of more severe skin concerns.

Step 4: Use a Targeted Treatment
For deeper acne, you can consider adding a treatment to your daily regimen. Spot treatments are more concentrated and can alleviate acne discomfort faster, allowing your skin to recover and heal faster as well.

Sure, wearing a mask can be irritating, but think of it this way, it's a chance to try out new products that may then become a permanent staple in your beauty routine. Here at Beauty Care Choices, we have a wide variety of skincare products that can get your skin back on the road to Glow Town in no time!

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