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Make-up tips for those who wear glasses

Whether you need your glasses or you're making a fashion statement by wearing them, your glasses can be a glam accessory. There's just one problem that many overlook. Lenses distort the look of our eyes, especially mature eyes. It's important to know this to create your best eye look. So, let's take a look at common distortions and what to do.

You're wear your glasses to see the close-up things. This means your glasses magnify your eyes so they look bigger (yeah!), but this magnifications extend to the crepe-y lid, circle, lines and make-up that is sloppy.

  • Get yourself a 10X dual-sided magnification mirror. It will help with the make-up application skills and help you to keep things more your eyeliner, or gloppy mascara. Be sure you blend.
  • You can do a great smoky eye with this type of glasses and even line your lower inner and outer rim

    You're wear your glasses to see in the distance. These glass lenses will make your eyes look smaller. If you have deep-set or hooded eyes, this makes this issue worse.

  • Black eyeliner is your best friend. Just be sure to do the right size line...thin line for thin frames, thick lines for thick frames. Get the liner as close to the lashes as possible, even lining under the upper rim.
  • Shadows should be soft and shimmery in light tones like sand or peach. Dark shades or matte ones just close up the eyes.
  • Line the lower waterline with a very light color, even ivory, to open your eyes even more.

    You need to wear progressive lenses or're lenses have two or three different prescriptions in the single lens. Your make-up has to be as multi-functional as your lenses.

  • Select a light and neutral contoured look for your eyes. Avoid a very dark smoky look.
  • Blend a shimmery light shadow across the lids. You can use a medium brown or taupe in the crease. Select a gel liner in black, charcoal or dark brown to help shape the upper lash line.

    Finally, some general guidelines:

    Your frame color has an impact on your cosmetic looks.

  • Dark color frames (black, tortoise shell, navy, etc.) define and strengthen the eyes, almost like an instant eyeliner.
  • Soft colored frames gently sculpt the eyes and can help better highlight the cheekbones and slim the face, so of like a contour make-up
  • Opaque or sheer fames in amber, pink or rose will brighten the complexion like an instant blush.
  • Big frames = big bold make-up choices. Small frames = delicate, lighter make-up.
  • Glasses means using a eyelash curler and using a volumizing mascara instead of a lengthening mascara. You don't need your eyelashes batting your lenses all day!
  • Eyebrows a re important. They frame your frames. Be sure they are in good shape.
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