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When Should You Toss Your Old Makeup?

With the fresh air of springtime and sunshine peeking through the clouds, the urge to clean out your home will rise. So let's start with your cosmetic collection!

Having empty bottles, dirty makeup brushes, and expired foundations around can cause a headache. Our environment can have a huge impact on our emotions and behaviors, so cleaning out the clutter is not only therapeutic to the mind but also great for our skin.

How Can You Tell It's Time to Toss?

When it comes to determining when a product expires, it may not always be cut and dry. Once a product is opened and has been exposed to oxygen, it collects bacteria and slowly goes bad.

2-3 Months

Every two to three months, it is suggested to retire your mascara! Mascara tends to collect bacteria quickly since it is consistently being opened and pumped to dispense product. Mascara is also prone to drying out quickly.

Other beauty items to consider replacing every 2-3 months are face peels, face masks, acne pads, nail files, and loofahs.

6 Months to 1 Year

Your liquid cosmetics, such as liquid eyeliners, foundations, and concealers need to be replaced every six months to one year.

Other skincare items that need to be replaced every six months to one year are acne cleansers, washes, eye creams, face washes in general, and skin serums.

1-1 1/2 Years

Every year to year and a half it's time to toss out your lip glosses, brow gels, and cream eyeshadows.

Other beauty items to consider replacing at the year mark are your sunscreens, bars of soap, and shower gels.

2 Years

Every two years it's time to do an overhaul! Lip and eye pencils, lipsticks, powdered eyeshadows, blushes, and foundations are no good after they hit the two-year mark.

I feel well informed, and may need to go through my makeup now! Knowing when it's time to replace my favorite items will definitely help me never run out of my favorite makeup staples. Or maybe it's time to try something new! Clean out your makeup and try something new with Beauty Care Choices.

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