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2021 Beauty Trends

As we can all agree, 2020 was a rough year. But we have all learned and adapted to our new "normal" and came out stronger than ever! So as we say good riddance to 2020, we say welcome to 2021 with all the new beauty trends.

Skincare & Makeup Trends

Clean and transparent skincare is going to be all the rage this year. We as consumers have become more health-conscious and have begun to read into ingredients and have come to realize that there are a lot of unnecessary things that are not needed. Clean beauty has been around for ages and those brands know the importance of good ingredients and sustainable resources.

Transfer-proof makeup will take over for 2021 as face masks are still a part of our daily lives. Liquid lipstick in particular is making a huge comeback this season. Consumers are looking for products that will stay on throughout the day without having to worry about it coming off on their face masks.

Bright eyeliners, bold lips, and pink blush are also making a comeback this year. Colorful liners will be one of the biggest trends this year. Bright fun liner is all about self-expression; no matter what color your eyes maybe you can still play with any color. Playing with the brighter side of the color spectrum will be huge in 2021. Bringing an 80's feel with all the feel-good hues and textures, such as mattes, shimmers, chromatic, and glosses are all fair game for the New Year!

Bold lips are all anyone is talking about this year, and this trend is here to stay. Stick to emphasizing one feature when pairing with a bold lip so your lips are the center of attention!

Lots of pink blush this year as well! Pink blush is a perfect choice when you want to look fresh and it will help give you a younger and feminine look.

Although makeup will be a huge part of some customers, others will take on the "no-makeup makeup ". People are embracing their natural skin with light coverage products, such as tinted moisturizers or loose powder foundations. People are forfeiting a complicated makeup routine to embrace slow beauty, letting their natural skin texture shine through. Think glowy skin and visible freckles and beauty marks.

Now that we have covered skin, eyes, lips, and our blush choices; what's on-trend for your eyebrows? Brushed up, soft, and textured brows are in and are very easy to achieve. Fluffy brows not only complement the no-makeup look but also look great with a bold lip and minimal face makeup.

Hair Care, Cut, & Color Trends

For starters, shag haircuts! This 70's inspired cut plays with layers, texture, and works well with all hair types. Already seen on tons of celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Nick Stenson, it is believed this style is going to make a big statement in the upcoming year. Fewer curling iron curls and more diffused texture, manipulated with just the right amount of product for a "lived-in" feel with rock and roll vibes.

Low-maintenance hair care is the new high heat styling for 2021. That's not saying you need to swear off your hot tools, if you're into blowout looks then you do you! But don't be afraid to give your hair a break by letting your hair air dry and embracing your natural texture. Add braids to that list as they are on the way back too! Creative braid styles are low-maintenance and glamorous and can be kept in so no need to re-style daily.

Another big trend for the year is money piece highlights, rather than getting a full color opt for just a splash of brightness. A money piece is usually two shades lighter than your natural hair color and is a chunky style of highlighting. This year they are expecting chunky highlights with the money piece will be the go-to color look for 2021.

Raise your hand if you contemplated, or went full steam ahead, on cutting your own bangs this year while stuck inside. Well good news, the classic style is officially back. Curtain bangs with more texture and less length is one style that will really stand out this year. Already seen all over the internet are soft face-framing bangs that start by the cheekbones and split down the middle. Messy buns, ponytails, and taming flyaways have been a focus this year. But expect to see those laid back looks accented with accessories! Crystal bobby pins, large hair clips, and extra-large scrunches' add that extra pop on your zoom and video calls.

Shop all the new beauty trends for 2021 with Beauty Care Choices!

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