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7 Signs You Need a Haircut

Some of us love to get haircuts; others are shy of the shears, usually because of fears, like facing a dramatic change in appearance or using excessive length as a security blanket. But we all need to get hair cuts to maintain healthy-looking and strong strands. Frequent trims or mini trims combat breakage, as well as refresh the style. Plus, a change every now and then is a great way to perk yourself up, feel revitalized, and put a spring in your step. So read may find yourself in one of the 7 signs!

Sign 1: When you brush your hair you "shed." Do you look like you live in a house with a pet after you brush your hair? Those little bits coming off are breakage and are a sign that the split ends are traveling up the hair shaft. Time for a trim!

Sign 2: Your hair is starting to look like a V in the back. A distinct V shape in the back is due to old hair thinning out. Have your hair cut. Reestablish the base line!

Sign 3: You can't get your ends to blow-dry nicely anymore. No matter what you do, you can't get your ends to turn under or out, they just hang there. They are dead. Cut them off!

Sign 4: Does your hair tangle easily? Stronger tresses don't tangle as easily as thinned out ends do. If you brush your hair and five minutes later it's tangled, it's time to refresh the cut. Make it tangle-free and brush-able, please!

Sign 5: You're wondering when was the last time somebody complimented your hairstyle when you come across a picture of the cutest-ever cut on your favorite celebrity. It's a sign. It's two signs. Go for it!

Sign 6: It's a fresh start! Changing your hair can change how you look and feel about yourself, and how others perceive you. A hair cut is the easiest way to mark a fresh start in your life.

Sign 7: It takes you 30 minutes or more to get your current do looking great and while that was fine and dandy when all you had to worry about was how hot you looked for a date, now that you're a working woman, maybe you need a cut that is still cool and stylish, yet comes with effortless low maintenance.

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