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Why You Need to Winter-Proof Your Skin?

As cold temperatures approach, dry air, frigid winds, and constant exposure to heaters suck the moisture from your skin. Cold temperatures can also spark skin sensitivities, redness, and irritation, so let's shake up your routine!

Now don't go and throw out all your skincare, just a few simple swaps are all that is needed. Take a look at how your skin is changing and adjust or switch your products accordingly. Keep your skin happy and hydrated, and keep those flaky freakouts far away.

Transition your cleanser to a balm, oil, or cream cleanser. While we all love cleansers that give you a nice foam and bubble, they arent going to do your skin any favors. The bubble is from sulfates in the cleanser that are great for removing oils and dirt but can be more drying on the skin.

Balms, oil, and cream cleansers impart moisture back into the skin while still removing dirt and oils from the day.

Add an exfoliator to your routine if you haven't already. A gentle exfoliator can help remove dead skin cells that accumulate on your skin from the dry winter air. Removing those dry dead cells will help your skin look glowy again and will boost your skin's ability to absorb your other skincare better.

Layer your skincare. Just like you need a jacket to keep your body warm, your skin needs the same to prevent over-drying. Layering your skincare allows you to address multiple skin concerns in one simple step.

Pro Tip: Layer your skincare from lightest to heaviest. An example is to use your watery toner first, then serums, and top it off with a moisturizer.

Add an overnight mask, because who doesn't love that? Overnight masks are designed to be the final step of your nightly routine. Overnight masks help seal in all those serums, creams, and oils you have just applied.

And last, and probably most importantly drink water! If you are fully hydrated, then your skin will be too!

Consider incorporating a few new items into your skincare this winter, and keep your skin happy, moisturized, and glowing with Beauty Care Choices.

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Deb K. — Thanks for the tips as this winter is already brutal!
Cassandra D. — I like to try different moisturizers.
Jenny H. — Thanks for all the tips very interesting.
rochelle h. — This is good to know thanks for the info