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Hair Oils

Regular hair oil treatment may bring numerous benefits. The effect of strong and nourished hair is visible after the very first application of the oil. Your hair becomes softer, smoother and nice to the touch. Replenishing vitamins and fatty acids will regenerate your strands. Hair oils deliver resilience and shine.

However, every good quality hair conditioner can provide such effects but hair oils offer even more valuable properties. A well-chosen hair oil: eliminates dandruff, baldness and greyness, prevents brittleness and excessive hair loss and closes raised cuticles in high porosity hair.

The best oils for damaged (high porosity) hair must contain lots of essential polyunsaturated fatty acids. These are non-penetrating oils which have large particles. They cover weak hair with a protective coat and seal highly raised cuticles. Products with oils for high porosity hair will work best as an enhancing and rebuilding treatment.

CAN ANY OIL BE APPLIED ON HAIR? Sadly, it cannot. Only natural, cold-pressed and unrefined oils are suitable for hair oiling. The oil should also match the condition of your hair and your hair porosity (condition of your hair cuticles). Essential oils and oils used in cooking are unsuitable for hair oiling.

HOW LONG SHOULD I KEEP OIL ON MY HAIR? The general rule says: the longer, the better. In this way, it has more time to penetrate inside your hair and repair it. At first, you can leave it in for an hour and observe the strands after each treatment. If your hair isn't very damaged, the oil may "lie" on your hair less time.

SHOULD THE OIL BE APPLIED TO HAIR ONLY OR TO THE SCALP AS WELL? It depends on method that we use for hair oiling. If we plan to wash hair after oiling "“ it is strongly recommended to apply the oil to scalp as well. The oil will penetrate inside the skin and bulbs where it will repair and enhance the hair from the roots. During daily hair care, you may apply it only to hair ends or from the mid-length "“ no need to rinse it. This method immediately conditions your hair, increases its shine and protects the strands throughout the day.

WHAT AMOUNT OF OIL DO I HAVE TO APPLY TO HAIR? It all depends on the length of your hair. Keep in mind that the oil cannot drip off your head. The optimal dose for oiling hair and scalp is 5 ml "“ one teaspoon. If you want to apply the oil to hair only (in your every-day hair care), excluding the scalp, you can spread 2-3 drops on dry strands.

WHEN WILL I SEE FIRST EFFECTS? It all depends on the condition of your hair. The more damaged your hair is, the more time you need to repair it. Bear in mind that oils work mainly inside the hair. Be sure that the oil started working even if you cannot see spectacular effects right away. Remember that regularity and a bit of patience is crucial in hair oiling.

WHICH SHAMPOO IS THE BEST TO WASH THE OIL DOWN? Oils are natural products. Strong detergents and comedogenic substances abounding in parabens may disturb the action of oils and the effects of hair oiling. That is why, a delicate shampoo (free from SLS) is the best choice.

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